Alboran - Photo shooting

alboran – photo shooting

“A new sun was warming up the air of a fall afternoon. The hat cast a shadow on her face, changing its outlines with each step. She stopped for a moment to study the disposition of the sunloungers she had placed close to the pool. It took her months to choose the fabrics for the cushions. It was important for her that everything made sense. At least there, everything had to make sense. It has been years since she didn’t leave the villa. Not for want opportunities, but simply because she didn’t feel the need. Her reality was expressed there and that was enough. With an elegant movement of the hand she took off her shoes and walked down the few steps that separated her from the pool. She grasped the glass she left in the shade of a sunlounger, right there, next to the flowers. She poured some Champagne into the glass and drew it close to her lips, slowly. She took a sip and put it back on the floor. Standing there, at the edge of the pool, she observed the almost imperceptible movements of the water. She took off the hat and dived in. While coming out of the water, she gazed again at the disposition of the sunloungers and chose the one that looked more suitable for lying down and dry in the sun. Even this choice needed to make sense. She walked. Her feet, still wet, were leaving moist footprints on the floor. The further she moved away, the more the footprints behind her disappeared. She lay down, with no haste. The white bathrobe gently stroked her legs, while with the gaze she followed the contours of the hills. Her eyes dyed green. Then she took the book and begun reading. She used to read other people’s stories. Sometimes she even had the feeling of living those stories, only without all that punctuation. Meanwhile the sun kept warming up the air and the shoes were still there where she left them and also the glass and the Champagne and the flowers. The moist footprints, they were gone. The sun took them away. Another fall afternoon was flowing, immersed in silence. Her reality was expressed there and that was enough. She felt like she need never have leave. That was her reality. That was Alborán.”


pool chairs
by the pool
swimming pool




Brand: Mariaflora
Collection: Alborán
Art Direction: Nerodiseppia
Photography: Matteo Zin
Story and concept: Nerodiseppia
Location: Villa Prato, Mombaruzzo (AT)




Date & Time

febbraio 22, 2018