nerodiseppia gennaio 20, 2017

The space you live in is not just a space.

The furniture and its materials, the colors of the walls, the little decorations, the patterns printed on curtains and pillows, that beautiful carpet, an old photograph in a frame … Everything you choose to decorate your space, no matter if it’s your home or your office, is somehow reflecting an aspect of you, of  your inner life.

And when it comes to interior textiles, everything becomes incredibly dynamic. Hanging a colorful curtain can radically change the aspect of your living room, just like when you wear a new dress or put red lipstick on. It can be an act of courage or just the desire to change. This is, we think, the ultimate value of textile design, its real contribution to our everyday life.

Nerodiseppia has approached the world of interior textiles by presenting a new collection of designs at Heimtextil 2017, the most important trade fair for interior textiles, interior design and interior trends. During the fair people share creative intuitions, discover the latest trends and collect new ideas.

We hope this is just the begging.