nerodiseppia dicembre 6, 2016

December 6th. Turin (Italy). The air is fresh, it’s almost Christmas.
Chains of lights illuminate the studio and its walls. Walls on which artworks printed on silk are hanging. Walls that become the background of an incredible collection of clothes designed by Pietro Barbieri.
Who said that walls are just walls?
People are talking, laughing, drinking Prosecco. They look around. Everyone with a unique, personal expression. Someone is fascinated, someone is surprised, someone is just happy to be there and share a great moment. What a charming atmosphere.

Pigmenti su misura has begun: the special event hosted by Nerodiseppia and Pietro Barbieri.
On this occasion Pietro Barbieri presented a preview of his collection for Fall/Winter 2018, characterized by an attention to detail, high quality fabrics and, of course, a Nerodiseppia touch recognizable through the prints. (To find out more about Pietro Barbieri and his work, visit the website
And we presented Haiku su seta (Haiku on silk). Haiku on silk is the new project designed and realized by Nerodiseppia. It’s a project that starts from paper, brushed and colors. And then meets words, words in verse. And ends up on silk, with the desire to wrap with stories all those who wear it. Haiku on silk is a line of silk scarves in limited edition. Nine different scarves, each with its own haiku and each produces in nine copies. Nerodiseppia brings you on a journey through poetry, art and silk.

Items available on request. Discover them on our website.
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