nerodiseppia novembre 29, 2016

Christmas is coming. Twinkly lights come on and the air smells like ginger and cinnamon.
But in the kitchen, when it’s morning, you can always smell the scent of coffee. It’s the scent that sends out a good morning.
And for this Christmas, to send out a good morning, there are also the coffee cans designed by Nerodiseppia for Caffè Vergnano 1882.
A Christmas Edition made of memories, colors and tradition. And some little illustrations.

Discover the Christmas designed by Nerodiseppia here: Christmas by Caffè Vergnano

Arabica Coffee Collection
Arabica Coffee
Arabica Coffee Detail
Arabica Coffee Bar Top
Arabica Coffee Bar Italy
Arabica Coffee Bar Nerodiseppia
Arabica Coffee Green and Red
Christmas Illustration Nerodiseppia
Christmas Illustration Nerodiseppia