Founded in 2016 by Marta Cortese and Anna D’Andrea, Nerodiseppia is a creative studio based in Turin (Italy). Specialized in surface design, the studio creates and develops a great variety of art projects. Nerodiseppia’s designs are characterized by a unique style inspired by the Italian art, history and craftsman culture and embody the personal expression of the artists. All the designs originate from a handmade drawing, involving the exploration of different techniques and conferring to each design an individual character. Creative imagination and aesthetic awareness merge into each other, giving rise to unique, inspirational artworks.


Magda Kid

Marta is an illustrator,

textile designer and graphic artist.

Basically, she really likes to draw stuff.

Marta grew up in Asti (Italy), surrounded by gently rolling hills, vineyards and poppy fields. And some little bugs too. From an early age she discovered her two great passions: teasing her little sister and drawing.  Soon she realized that our society doesn’t officially acknowledge teasing one’s own little sister as a proper activity, therefore she decided, for purely practical reasons, to fully dedicate herself to drawing – an activity, which she seemed to be really good at. During the years of kindergarten she acquired basic technical knowledge of using tempera and crayons, experimenting also innovative techniques such as, drawing on newly whitewashed home walls and painting on mum’s blouses (the good ones). Marta’s creative spirit was growing and popping, like pop-corns. Fascinated by the art of creating spaces in space, she decided to unify the technical and the artistic aspects devoting herself to the architectural studies. After having obtained an MA in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and after a refreshing and toning stay in Berlin (Germany), she realized that drawing little bugs was much more fun than carrying out structural analyses. So Marta packed her stuff, said goodbye to Berlin and moved to Macerate (Italy) to get an MA in Illustration and Editorial Design. Having moved to Turin she founds, together with Anna, Nerodiseppia Creative Studio where she is currently working as a graphic artist and textile designer.


Anna und Opa

Anna is a textile designer and graphic

artist with a philosophy degree.

Basically, she is one who thinks in colors.

Anna was born and grew up in the Castelli Romani (Italy), surrounded by the green of the vineyards and the blue of the ocean. A dad from Rome and a mom from South Tyrol made a confuse child out of her who was never able to answer the question “beaches or mountains?”. After kindergarten she started having the irrepressible need to pass the time by engaging in recreative activities such as painting, pottery, theatre, sax alto, Russian literature, wine, ginger bread (only during christmas time), Henri Matisse, sandcastles, and various techniques of warm embraces. Having reached the age of majority Anna moved to Germany to undertake her university studies [text missing]. And so, in the end, she joined the philosophy department at the university in Berlin, where she made a fundamental breakthrough: life without philosophy is bad, but philosophy without life is even worse. And to bring philosophy to life it is necessary to take philosophy itself on a journey, to make things with it, to see people through it. Taking this truth as her own categorical imperative, Anna completed her studies and packed her backpack, putting in it only the essential: Wittgenstein, electronic music and a pen 0.1 mm. Then she bought a one way flight to Turin. Here she founded, together with Marta, Nerodiseppia Creative Studio. She is currently working as a graphic artist and textile designer, mixing colors and thoughts.